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Summer is Here. Time to Visit the High Country
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on June 15 2009, 0:04am by MrBill in Outdoors category
Clear Lake, off the South Mineral Creek Drainage makes an excellent day trip from Silverton or Durango.

Why Go to Clear Lake?

Clear Lake is a (mostly) pristine high Alpine Environment which is easy to get to by car or foot.
Wildflowers in Summer promise to be awesome.

How to Get to Clear Lake.

Follow 500 north from Silverton for almost 2 miles.  Take the first county road (7) to the left and followit up into South Mineral Creek for about three miles.  You will see a road heading sharply up to the right.  A Sign Reads "Clear Lake 4 Miles, 4 Wheel Drive Recommended."  The road goes all the way to the lake (in Summer).  It's a very smooth road and should present no trouble to any SUV.


Get out and walk.  The trip is nice if you have a small child or other mobility challenged person in your party.  Set your odometer and subtract from four to get your desired hiking distance.  Bring all seasons of clothing.  There was fresh snow there for our Trip on June 14.  The wind can really blow up there too.  So prepare.
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