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Search Engine Optimization for Small Business
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on June 15 2009, 0:37am by MrBill in Technology category

Search Engine Optimization Getting Attention on the Internet.

Search Engine Optimization is a necessary part of every web project. Depending on your site's domain area, it may face the competition of full-time experienced teams of SEO Experts.
Search Engine Optimization is the process of tailoring your site to attract visitors from Internet search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.
Search Engine Optimization is one of the most competitive aspect of web development. After all who wants to invest in a site that never gets any visitors?
The Search Engine Optimization landscape is changing daily with new techniques for increasing your rankings and with new paid options for traffic generation.
Given the dynamics of the search engine game, we try to adhere to a few sound policies to get our sites noticed.
Start with a thorough keyword analysis before writing site contents.
Write site copy to appeal to both the search engines and your human visitors
Generate high quality unique copy to address your customer's interests.
Use keywords in critical areas, titles, headers, image names and alt tags.
Build links to our sites from other related web properties.
Avoid any tactics that search engines define as spamming
Generate Pay-Per-Click and Affiliate Programs as appropriate to the client's business.
Search Engine Optimization and building traffic to your website from search engines is now a two part process. First you must work to get placement in the search index and results listing, second you must pay for traffic through pay-per-click.
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