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Starting an On-Line Newspaper
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on June 15 2009, 1:48am by Administrator
Observations on starting an on-line newspaper. Comments on the process from a technical perspective. What are the concerns and considerations for a project manager in selecting on-line newspaper and Web 2.0 journalism software packages. A thousand concerns on configuring the on-line paper. What to do about populating your first on-line issue.
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Comments (4)  
phpdevmd on June 15 2009, 8:58am
 I think a great software package for web 2.0 online publishing is E7 News 2.0 CMS.
It has lots of features (like articles, news, galleries,..), it's nice looking and it uses role-based(!) content fill-in and management system, which make it even more powerful and Wiki.
MrBill on June 16 2009, 0:21am
A project manager has 2 jobs which cannever be overlooked.
#1 Keep the Project Alive.
Make sure that the stakeholders are all informed and motivated.  Meet Deadlines and communicate the value delivered.
#2  Keep Growth in Check
There's always discoveries made along the way.  An experienced project manager estimates and bids for a certain amount of feature creep or feature discovery.  The challenge is to deliver an excellent work product without tinkering.
For this newspaper #1 has been easy, all stakeholders are thrilled to be moving on-line to their own publishing system.  #2 is more challenging as we know that there will be many installations of this News 2.0 CMS.
MrBill on June 17 2009, 0:52am
How to Handle the Sheer Number of Optons
News sites today have so many features, that it can take days for personel to learn what can be done and where.  For the E7 News 2.0 site we are creating help videos for our users.  Videos can be time consuming to produce, but they are certainly less expensive than providing cuatomer service for repeating issues.
Wilby Pharton on November 15 2016, 5:00pm
I'm totally in favor of paper-based newpaper publications. Once in a while I run out of toilet paper, and the need for anything to wipe is of high priority.