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BuzzTown V4.0 the Best Web Site in the Universe!
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on June 10 2009, 7:31am by Bill Smith in Unknown category
We are hard at work making BuzzTown The Best Web Site in the Universe.
The new BuzzTown V4.0 release is one giant leap in the right direction.
Version 4 gives users many new ways to connect with their customers, vendors friends and colleagues.
BuzzTown Answers
The biggest addition is BuzzTown Answers. BuzzTown is a community of experts. Answers lets you tap their knowledge. More Importantly, BuzzTown Answers is a great place to share and showcase your own expertise. Got questions? We all do. Visit BuzzTown Answers.
Got Friends?
You can't have too many friends. this is as true in business as it is in life. BuzzTown now suggests people You May Know. It chooses members who share your interests and invites you to connect with them as old or new friends.
The BuzzTown Personal Buzz allows us to keep up with our friends and favorite businesses. As your friends post articles, deals, photos and more, their activities will show up in your Personal Buzz. No need to browse the entire site, the Buzz brings the latest happenings to your profile page.
Home Page
We want you to make BuzzTown your home page. We are adding new features to the latest in deals, new businesses and hyper local news. This month we have added weather forecasts and movie listings. Check back as we add new features throughout the month
Business Tools
We have added a number of new features for Businesses to attract traffic and to present their businesses in the best possible context.
Business owners can now add Icons to their listings, manufacturer logos, awards & certification graphics. Icons both show your professionalism and attract more traffic to your profile page. They may even improve your business hotness.
Live Web Widgets
Business owners can attract more traffic to their profile with the use of Live Web Widgets. These widgets are HTML snippets which can be added to company web sites, blogs, Facebook, your email signature, just about anyplace. Widgets include a company name, logo, and the latest reviews for your business. Widgets can be added anyplace that HTML is accepted. Just add the Widget once, and it will automatically display the latest news and review on your business's web site. On your business profile, in the left column, you will see a text field labeled, Embed. Just copy that code to your clipboard and paste it into your corporate web site or blog.
Embedded Videos
BuzzTown Vidoes may also be embedded on your web site or blog. Just cut and paste the Embed code (displayed below the video) and you will get a video display box on any web page or blog.
BuzzTown now publishes RSS streams to multiple off site locations. Visit the BuzzTown RSS feed page for details. To explain simply, RSS is a syndication of all your BuzzTown content, helping people to find your content and business profile and providing better results for your content on search engines.
Please take a few minutes to explore the new features in BuzzTown.com. We are thrilled to be working on building the Best Web Site in the Universe. We thank everyone for their content and support. We can't wait to write to you about version 5.
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