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Town drafts rules for medical marijuana outlets.
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Posted on February 25 2010, 1:07pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
Ordinance would establish buffer zones from schools, limit mobile operations.
Silverton officials are hashing out a series of regulations to govern medicinal marijuana dispensaries as the clock continues to tick on the town’s 120-day moratorium on approving business licenses for such outlets.
The town is still waiting to see what sort of legislation comes down the pipe from Denver, but town and county Planning Director Adam Sickmiller told the San Juan Regional Planning Commission Tuesday night that the ordinance he’s drafting would ban, for instance, such dispensaries from being strictly mobile units.
“That clause would prohibit a sort of ice cream truck” from patrolling neighborhoods in search of customers who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, Sickmiller said.
The proposed rules would also limit medical marijuana shops to the downtown Business-Pedestrian-zoned area and the Economic Development zone.
And the shops could not be within 150 feet of a school, park, daycare facility or another marijuana dispensary.
Sickmiller asked for planning commissioners’ input on drafting the regulations. His first draft also included a 150-foot buffer zone from churches, but planning commission members saw no need for that.
The planning commission voted unanimously to pass the proposed rules on to the town council with a recommendation for consideration.
A constitutional amendment allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes was approved by Colorado voters in 2000.
The Obama administration’s policy of not targeting such facilities for violating federal drug laws has led to a recent proliferation of dispensaries across the state.
Silverton resident Mark Mackie last month applied for a business license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary at a yet-to-be-determined location in town.
That application triggered the Town Council action on Jan. 25 to impose a 120-day moratorium on approving medical marijuana dispensaries until rules governing such facilities could be drafted.
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