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Architects sketch out plans for school project
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Posted on April 15 2010, 3:52pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
$11.8 million overhaul of school getting started.
Anthony Edwards of Silverton, David Singer, of Silverton Restoration
Consulting and teacher Sallie Barney take part in a brainstorming session
Tuesday night, April 6 to come up with ideas for the $11.8 million school
renovation project. Singer is among those on the design team assembled
by Andrews & Anderson Architects of Golden. Photo by David Emory/Silverton School
Preliminary design ideas for the $11.8 million Silverton School overhaul project are beginning to take shape, with the school’s students and staff offering plenty of input, along with members of the community at large.
Andrews & Anderson Architects of Golden had its design team in town last week, meeting with all those interested in the project and sketching out conceptual plans for a revitalized school campus.
Nan Anderson, one of the principals at Andrews & Anderson, described the process as a “week of discovery” as her team sought to develop a framework for the project.
San Juan County voters last November approved a $1.2 million, 20-year bond measure to help finance the rehabilitation of the 99-year-old school building and the adjacent gym, which was built in 1937 as a Works Progress Administration project during the Great Depression.
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