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Judge throws out part of lawsuit over road
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Posted on April 22 2010, 2:32pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
But issue of who owns abandoned Silverton Northern Railroad grade remains unresolved.
 County Attorney Paul Sunderland, left, points toward the Cole Ranch
property Friday, July 24, 2009, during an unusual field trip for San Juan
County District Judge Gregory Lyman, right, after hearing oral arguments
regarding the property owners’ lawsuit against the county. Behind Sunderland
is San Juan County Administrator Willy Tookey. In front of Judge Lyman, with
one foot on a large boulder, is Cole Ranch co-owner Merlin Schaeffer of Gunnison.
The boulder-strewn trail they are standing on is allegedly a county road.
San Juan County District Judge Gregory Lyman has thrown out some — but not all — of a lawsuit filed by property owners challenging the existence of County Road 22A and the county’s assertion of ownership of the abandoned Silverton Northern railroad grade.
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