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Which way at the Wye? Who knows?
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Posted on July 01 2010, 1:16pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
County officials, planning commission want to rethink entrance to Silverton.
A highway sign at the Wye advises motorists to go straight to get
to Silverton, when actually a confusing left turn is needed.
County officials say they aren’t happy with the Wye entrance to Silverton, saying the intersection causes confusion to visitors and doesn’t serve Silverton well.
County Commissioner Pete McKay said the intersection is baffling, particularly for those approaching from the north.
“It has a right-turn lane into the Conoco, but no left-turn lane to Silverton,” McKay complained. Furthermore, the sign for the southbound traffic instructs motorists to go straight to get to Silverton, when a left turn is actually needed.
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