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Sack of high grade found as mill restoration begins
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Posted on July 08 2010, 11:51am by Mark Esper in Local News category
An auspicious start to an ambitious project

David Singer/Special to the Silverton Standard & the Miner
A huge counterweight is removed from a tower at the Mayflower Mill on Wednesday, June 30 as work gets started on restoration work at the mill, which is now owned by the San Juan County Historical Society. Mill tours aren’t being offered this year due to the $375,000 project. At left is Nick Houston, with Daren Richardson at right.
By David Singer
Structural stabilization work began at the Shenandoah-Dives Mill (Mayflower) last week in preparation for the first phase of a massive rehabilitation effort funded through a Congressional Appropriation and a grant from the State Historical Fund totaling $375,400.  
Most often, historic preservation projects require a painstaking process of fund raising, wading through infinite bureaucracy and years of planning and the SD Mill project is no exception.  That said, many restless nights worrying over the potential dangers of our first serious task at the Tram Terminal’s counter-weight tower ended with the most promising start to a project any crew could hope for.  
Maybe we’ve been blessed by the good luck spirits of the Tommy Knockers. Whatever the source of our good fortune, I saw it as an auspicious omen for the project when a bag of gold landed at our feet!
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