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Town won't cross the bridge just yet
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Posted on July 29 2010, 2:08pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
The Lackawanna Bridge, which failed a state inspection in June
and was ordered closed, is pictured Tuesday morning, July 20
Trustees want more information on county plans for Lackwanna.
Faced with “significant public comment” regarding a plan to carve a temporary road across the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area to provide access to properties that had been reached by the now-condemned Lackawanna Bridge, the Town Council told county officials Monday night that the project may have to wait until spring — and until they get more information on alternatives.
County officials had earlier suggested that replacing the Lackawanna Bridge may cost up to $1 million, but County Administrator Willy Tookey on Monday presented new figures prepared by Silverton engineer Dean Bosworth that indicated the cost may instead be less than half that.
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