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Developing the E7 Systems News 2.0 CMS
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on June 15 2009, 5:41pm by MrBill in Local News category
The Internet has changed the way that news is consumed. Rather than Replacing the Newspaper, the Internet compliments the traditional paper based delivery of news.
Internet news is more interactive with reader comments, sem-profession blogs and hyper journalism. 
Paper based news delivery is still the preferred high-touch format for scanning news and even ads without the need for a computer or electricity.
E7Systems has developed a new publishing platform, rich in publishing, advertising  and community features.
The E7 Systems News 2.0 CMS is easy to install, learn and manage.
There is no more cost effective fatser or flexible way to start up (or migrate an existing) Internet News Publishing service.
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