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Possible explosive device a false alarm
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on September 23 2010, 4:38pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
It turns out to be part of some sort of model rocket.
Rick Jones and his grandson, Jarod Pittman, point to the spot
on Sultan Mountain where they found a suspicious device.
Silverton narrowly averted a legitimate news story on Monday, when a report of possible unexploded ordnance came in. But instead of a weapon of mass destruction, officials found only the remains of an impressive model rocket of some sort.
The white tube with red fins was found by Jarod Pittman, 9, of Montrose, who was scouting for elk with his grandfather, Rick Jones. High on Sultan Mountain Jarod came across the rocket.
“We thought it was an avalanche thing,” Jones said, referring to explosives used to trigger controlled slides in the winter. “We put it in my backpack and packed it all the way down.”
The two stopped at the Triangle Service Station. Authorities were notified and soon a contingent including Colorado Department of Transportation personnel, Silverton Fire Chief Gilbert Archuleta, and Assistant Fire Chief Mike Maxfield were on the scene, along with San Juan County Sheriff’s deputy Jason Sutter.
The fire department personnel quickly determined the 18-inch long tube posed no threat and carted it away.
Jarod expressed disappointment at the outcome.
“They said that even if you had electronics near it it could automatically go boom,” Jarod said. “But it didn’t blow up.”
He suggested officials could “give me one that's already blown up.”
“It hurt my grandson’s feelings that they won’t let him have his bomb,” Jones said.
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Comments (1)  
Tonya on September 29 2010, 9:19am
   This story reads that Jared was "DISAPOINTED" ? Well yes he was ... as any 9 year old would be ! But not because it was " NOT A BOMB " ! ( AS WE WERE NEVER EVEN INFORMED OF THAT FACT ) But because CDOT took" HIS  ROCKET "  Away . I am jared's Grandma , And we all feel VERY lucky , and Blessed that jared and my Husband , were not hurt and that it all turned out ok . I do beleave that the Guys in charge knew how excited this child was and  this was a Very Special day for him ... and he still talks about " HIS ROCKET "  ! And They could have given it back ?  WOW ! WHAT A THOUGHT FULL BUNCH OF GROWN MEN !
    also guys , you did well talking to this boy about the dangers , and things ... But when you picked it up ? And you threw it into the back of the truck , like it was NOTHING ! Jared did see that ... and asks " why ,.... AS  any 9 year old would ....