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A climate-change crossroads
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Posted on October 14 2010, 3:20pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
Public land managers brace for a warming future in the San Juan Mountains.
Anne Izard, foreground, education director for Mountain Studies
Institute, leads a group of Silverton Climate Conference participants
in a search for pikas on Anvil Mountain above Silverton on Saturday, Oct. 9.
The small rodents are considered particularly vulnerable to climate change
given their dependence on high alpine habitat, much of which is being threatened.
Average temperatures in the San Juan Mountains are on the rise, and researchers, forecasters and land managers expect that trend to continue.
More than a hundred researchers, land managers, biologists and others from throughout the country converged on Silverton last week to discuss strategies to cope with a warming world.
Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management officials said those agencies are taking steps to face up to what they see as one of their biggest environmental challenges in coming years.

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