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School faces deep budget cuts — again
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Posted on March 11 2011, 8:58am by Mark Esper in Local News category
State funding cuts anticipated for next year.
Silverton School students Hannah deKay, Ellie Gober and
Daniella Acosta point out features on the school-owned
barn on 12th Street. The students are working on plans to
convert it into an  art studio.
Photo by David Emory/Silverton Standard & the Miner
The Silverton school district is bracing for more deep cuts in its 2011-12 budget and Superintendent Kim White is warning that personnel cuts or even moving to a four-day school week may be necessary.
“Education cuts are deep this year,” White said. “K-12 education is on the cutting block.”
White said she anticipates that state budget cuts will result in  loss of $70,000 to $130,000 for the school district over the next school year.
“That’s a lot of money on top of what we’ve already lost in the last two years,” White said, adding that it “makes me sick to think about it.”

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