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Hardrockers' Holidays: Aug. 12-14
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Posted on August 11 2011, 1:30pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
It's a traditional celebration of mining, with mining competitions.

Billy and Terry Rhoades machine drilling in 1977.
Schedule is subject to change.
Awards ceremony following Sunday’s last event.
Events at Kendall Mountain Recreation Area, Silverton
 Friday, August 12
• 10 a.m. Children’s Events
A fun-filled day for children and teens through age 17. No entry fees. Ribbons awarded. Refreshments will be provided.
Ages 5 and Under
• Shoe Search
• Peanut Race
• Highgrade Hunt
• Soft Ring Toss
• Handmucking
Ages 6 to 9
• Sack Race
• 3-Legged Race
• Egg Toss
• Softball Toss
• Handmucking
• Rubber Horseshoes
Ages 10 to 13
• 3-Legged Race
• Wheelbarrow Race
• Egg Toss
• Horseshoes
• Handmucking
• Softball Toss
Ages 14 to 17
• 3-Legged Race
• Wheelbarrow Race
• Handmucking
• Nail Spiking
• Arm Wrestling
• 10 a.m.: Horseshoe Registration
• 11 a.m.: Horseshoe Tournament
Good old fashioned fun. This event kicks off the Hardrockers weekend. Enter prior to event. Limit of 25 teams. Entry fee, $10.
• 4-6 p.m.:  Arm Wrestling Registration
• 6 p.m.: Junior Competition
• 7 p.m.: Adult Competition
A crowd favorite as contestants square off in a one-on-one test of strength. Entry fee, $10. Prizes Awarded by weight class.  Held at the Kendall Mountain Recreation Area.
 Saturday, August 13
• 9 a.m.: Wheelbarrow Race Weigh-in
• 10 a.m.: Wheelbarrow Race
A grueling event where competitor pushes 50 percent of his/her body weight around a challenging obstacle course. Enter  prior to event. Entry fee, $10.
• 10:15 a.m.: Tug Teams Weigh-in
• 10:30 a.m.: Tug-O-War Round-robin
One of our most popular events. See all the teams compete against each other for a spot in Sunday’s finals. Enter as a five-person team with one alternate and one non-pulling coach. There are two weight classes for both men and women. Men’s lightweight is 200 pounds and under, heavyweight is over 200 pounds. Women’s lightweight is 175 pounds and under, heavyweight is over 175 pounds. Limit of 20 teams (men and women) total. Entry fee is $100 per team.
• 12:30 p.m.: Singleman Drilling/single jacking 
Singleman drilling is an event for one contestant who machine drills two holes with a set-up machine with no breakdown. A timed event with the fastest driller with no penalties winning. Entry fee, $20.• 1 p.m.
Singleman Handsteeling is an event where the contestant may use multiple steel changes in a five-minute time period to drill a hole in a rock, with the deepest hole winning. Entry fee, $20.
• 3 p.m. : Handmucking
Handmucking is a true test of strength and endurance to see who can fill a barrel full of gravel the fastest. Competition open to both men and women. Enter  prior to event. Entry fee, $10.
• 2:30 p.m.: Machine Mucking Report
• 3 p.m.: Machine Mucking Contest
This event requires a great deal of coordination and concentration to fill the ore car in the least amount of time. Experience recommended. Limited entry of 20 contestants. Entry fee, $30. 
• To Follow: Novice Machine Mucking
Open to men and women for one person machine mucking (must be 18 or older). No experience. Fill the ore car in the least amount of time. Entry fee, $10 per person. Enter  prior to event.
Sunday, August 14
• 9 a.m.: Machine Drilling Teams Report 
• 9:30 a.m.: Machine Drilling Contest
The premier event of Hardrockers’ Holidays. Two contestants compete against the clock to see which team can set up and drill two holes the fastest, using both a stopper and a jackleg, drills commonly used here in the San Juans. Limit of 15 teams. Entry fee of $60 per team.
• To Follow: Novice Two-Man Drilling
Teams consist of a novice (over age 18) and an experienced driller competing with other teams. An excellent chance for the inexperienced to find out first hand the challenge of this event. Entry fee, $10 per team.
 • 12:30 p.m.: Tug Teams Report
• 1 p.m.: Tug-O-War Finals
Only the strongest survive. This three-minute timed event will show the strength and endurance of the competitors.
 • 3 p.m.  Spike Driving/Handsteeling
Spike Driving is a timed event open to men and women. In the men’s division, a contestant drives 60P spikes upward into a timber and two 80P spikes down into a timber with a timber ax. Women’s division contestants drive two 60P spikes down into a timber with a timber ax. Entry fee, $20.
Open to men and women demonstrating the ability to hand-steel in a concrete block for a five-minute period. The contestant who drills deepest wins. Enter now or prior to the event. Entry fee, $10.
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