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Town code enforcement turned up a notch
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Posted on January 12 2012, 12:55am by Mark Esper in Local News category
But don't expect a "blitzkreig."
Code enforcement in Silverton is about to get more aggressive. But don’t expect a blitzkrieg from town officials.
Town Trustee David Zanoni said he is tired of hearing complaints about lack of enforcement of rules involving banners, storage containers and other matters.
He acknowledged that in some cases those complaints may involve “nitpicking among businesses” but he said he’d like to see a more proactive enforcement regime.
Town Administrator Jason Wells said that in most jurisdictions, such code enforcement is done on a “complaint basis” unless an imminent threat to health and safety is apparent.
And Wells said he has been “kind of pulled both ways on that issue,” noting some controversies the town got into over enforcing restrictions on business banners.
Trustee Jim Lindaman said he failed to see the point of putting a lot of effort into updating the Town Code, only to see it go unenforced.
And Zanoni pointed to a case last summer when a huge “Budweiser” banner hung across the front of a Blair Street business. While it was totally out of compliance, the banner remained up “most of the summer,” Zanoni said.
“I’m not saying we need to have a ‘code Nazi,’” Zanoni said. “Just more of a physical presence. We might see less bickering among businesses in town.”

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