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Posted on February 23 2012, 1:30pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
Tim McCarthy on Rolla with Dale Womack going airborne.
Photo by David Emory
Here are the results from the weekend fun on Blair Street.
Open Designated
Rider         Horse Skier Time PLACE
Jeff Dahl Red Lodge Greg Dahl 16.05 2
Jeff Dahl Rocket Greg Dahl 17.67 7
Justin Werts         Snoop  Rob Conaty 19.31 4
Dana Stiles         Merlin  Jason Dahl 15.81 1
Tim McCarthy Rolla Dale Womack 17.63 3
Ashlie Hall      Santiago Mike Healey 20.03 8
Ems Rapp Howard, Slick Mat Holgate 18.37 6
Ann Rapp        Count Josh Arnold 17.74 5
Open Draw
Rider Horse Skier Time
Ems Rapp Howard, Slick Rob Conaty 15.75 1
Jeff Dahl Rocket Mike Healy 17.57 4
Justin Werts        Snoop Jeff Dahl 18.34 6
Tim McCarthy Rolla Dale Womack DQ dnf
Dana Stiles     Merlin Josh Arnold DQ dnf
Jeff Dahl Red Lodge Mat Holgate 15.99 3
Ashlei Hall     Santiago Jason Dahl 17.87 5
Ann Rapp      Count Greg Dahl       15.77 2
Novice Designated
Rider       Horse Skier Time
Savannah McCarthy,Richard Calvin Hinkley 23.81 1
Dakota Young Reno Chance Conaty DQ
Tricia Shadell Spark Colin Shadell DQ
Jade Neves   Snickers Morgan Gurule 26.77 3
Justin Werts        What Ben Roberts   01:17.3 4
Ashlei Hall        Macaroni Ryan Lee 249 24.67 2
Novice Draw
Rider      Horse Skier Time
Savannah McCarthy, Richard Colin Shadell 26.16 4
Dakota Young Reno Morgan Gurule DQ
Tricia Shadell Spark Ben Roberts DQ
Jade Neves     Snickers Ryan Lee       18.69 1
Justin Werts        What Calvin Hinkley 21.37 3
Ashlei Hall      Macaroni Chance Conaty 19.51 2
Open Designated
Rider         Horse Skier Time Place
Jeff Dahl Red Lodge Greg Dahl 15.72 2
Jeff Dahl Rocket Greg Dahl 16.96 4
Justin Werts          Snoop Rob Conaty 17.4 5
Dana Stiles           Merlin Jason Dahl 15.24 1
Tim McCarthy Rolla Dale Womack 17.49 6
Ashlie Hall        Santiago Mike Healey 17.55 7
Ems Rapp Howard, Slick Mat Holgate 16.55 3
Open Draw
Rider      Horse Skier Time
Jeff Dahl     Red Lodge Mike Heatley 18.05 7
Ems Rapp Howard, Count Greg Dahl 16.14 2
Justin Werts      Snoop Dale Womack 17.93 6
Dana Stiles         Merlin Mat Holgate 15.91 1
Tim McCarthy Rolla Greg Dahl 16.77 4
Ems Rapp Howard Slick Jason Dahl 16.72 3
Jeff Dahl      Rocket Josh Arnold 17.78 5
Novice Designated
Rider        Horse Skier      Time
Justin Werts         What Ben Roberts    21.54 3
Dakota Young Reno Chance Conaty 20.67 2
Jade Neves      Snickers Morgan Gurule DNF
Savannah McCarthy, Richard Calvin Hinkley 18.89 1
Ashlei Hall       Macaroni Dave Brokering DNF
Jennifer Hutchens  Roy Boy      Jessica Pohlman 33.23 5
Robin Cloar    Champ Ryan Lee       22.83 4
Novice Draw
 Rider      Horse Skier          Time
Justin Werts         What Ryan Lee         19.8 1
Dakota Young Reno Calvin Hinkley DNF
Jade Neves     Snickers Chance Conaty 20.37 2
Savannah McCarthy, Richard Morgan Gurule DNF
Ashlei Hall      Macaroni  Ben Roberts 21.48 3
Jennifer Hutchens Roy Boy  Jessica Pohlman DNF
Robin Cloar          Champ Dave Brokering 23.43 4
Keara McDermott Alli Shawn Merrill 44.2 5
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Comments (1)  
Oma Omi on February 25 2012, 10:30am
Congratulations, To the Skiers and Horse's who, won, placed and showed. It's looks as though everyone in Siverton, CO, is enjoying the end of the Winter Solstice. I was watching the documentary, of Silverton, on HD Net and found the show entertaining. I had to check out your newspaper. I enjoyed it.