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News Briefs: March 1, 2012
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on March 01 2012, 11:27am by Mark Esper in Local News category
From left, Tracy Boeyink, Lisa Richardson and Amy Swonger, all of Silverton,
race their kicksleds through downtown Silverton during the 15th annual
Silverton Kicksled Rodeo on Saturday, Feb. 25. Kicksleds are a popular
form of winter transportation in town. Photo by David Emory
Downtown panel’s first meeting today
The first meeting of Silverton’s Downtown Revitalization Committee will be held this evening, Thursday, March 1, at 6 p.m. at Town Hall.
The topics will include beautification of Blair and Greene streets, pedestrian and automobile circulation, improving the business climate and creative use of public spaces.
All are invited to attend.
Town seeks grant to illuminate ski runs
The Town of Silverton is seeking a GOCO grant to obtain a lighting system to bring night skiing to Kendall Mountain Ski Area.
Town officials noted that improvements to Kendall Mountain were the top priority in the recent survey of residents on recreational needs.
Town Trustee David Zanoni, head of the parks and recreation committee, said the panel was hoping the town could put up lights and perhaps even install snowmaking equipment.
But the snowmaking equipment came in at close to half a million dollars.
“Obviously that is out of our realm for a match,” Zanoni said.
GOCO grants are funded by Colorado lottery revenue for parks and recreation purposes.
In this case, the total project cost for the lighting is estimated at $36,500. The town is seeking a GOCO grant to cover $25,500 of that.
Public Works Director Gilbert Archuleta said the lights could also be used in the summer for the Brass Band Festival.
“In the parking lot it’s so dark that people have a tough time over there,” Archuleta said. And he said the lights could also be rented by those holding a wedding at Kendall.
Archuleta said the ski lift operators are ready to take on the night skiing hours if lights are installed for next season.
NBC’s TODAY show is coming to Silverton!
NBC’s TODAY show is coming to Silverton to do a story on the Silverton Standard & the Miner and the San Juan County Historical Society’s efforts to save the historic newspaper.
A producer for the show confirmed Tuesday that they plan to be here in a couple weeks.
“This is obviously great publicity for the Standard, but also for the San Juan County Historical Society and the town itself,” said Standard editor and publisher Mark Esper in a phone interview. He added that he is taking up a collection to get a haircut.
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