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News briefs: Aug. 16, 2012
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Posted on August 17 2012, 9:13am by Mark Esper in Local News category
Rick Thomas in the two-man drilling competion. Photo by Criss Furman
2012 Hardrockers Holidays
Mining Competion results
Men’s Pentathlon:
1. Graden Colby 309 Points
2. Clifford Jaramillo 280 Points
3. Steve McDonald 270 points
Women’s Pentathlon:
1. Tina Robinson 320 Points
2.  Carrie Jo Saunders 320  Points
3.  Dorothy McCarty 295  Points
1. Scott Fidel 3:09:42
2. Mark Pinson                              5:30:34
3. N/A
Men’s Handsteeling: LENGTH
1. Steve McDonald                        5”
2. Gilbert Meador                           4 5/16”
3. Rick Thomas     4”
Women’s Handsteeling:
1. Stacy Barker                 2/1/8”
2. Tina Robinson               1 3/4 “
3. LiErin Wilson               1/1/2”
Team Machine Drilling: TIME
1. Bumper & Jason Williams            4:52:67
2. Clifford Jaramillo & Graden Colby 4:56:49
3. Rick Ernst & Harley Gardner        4:57
Novice Machine Drilling: TIME
1. Richard Weber & Rick Thomas     6:41:64
2. Larry Sharp & & Harley Gardner   7:05:61
3. LiErin Wilson & Gilbert Meador     7:25:55
Single Man Drilling: TIME
1. Larry Clark               2:56:64
2. Steve McDonald                 2:59:72
3. Larry Luzar                         3:19:52
Men’s Single Jacking: LENGTH
1. Steve McDonald                   4 24/32”
2. Rick Thomas                               4 7/32”
3. Richard Weber                       2 12/32”
Women’s Single Jacking: LENGTH
1. Tina Sullivan                           2 3/8”
2. Carrie Jo Saunders             1 7/8”
3. Stacy Barker                         1 3/8”
Men’s Spike Driving: TIME
1. Steve McDonald                        49:69
2. Chris Scott                                55:73
3. Rick Thomas                             59:63
Women’s Spike Driving: TIME
1.Carrie Jo Saunders               29:84
2. Tina Robinson                     30:09
3. Dorothy McCarty                   38:50
Men’s Heavyweight:
1. Aztec Excavation
2. Redneck’s
Men’s Lightweight: 
1. Aztec Excavation
2. Keg Bellies
Women’s Heavyweight:
1. Aztec Excavation
2. McCarty Bunch
Women’s Lightweight:
1. Aztec Excavation
2. Get Loaded
3. Mining Company
1. Dustin Ernst/Calvin Romero
2. Dale Jaramillo/Amos Jaramillo
3. Kevin Kuhlman/Eli Romero
Victorian Aid Society offers cemetery tour
The Victorian Aid Society will be doing a tour for the public of Hillside Cemetery at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 18. 
The tour is free, but we will be accepting donations, all of which which will go to the San Juan Historical Society. 
Costumed VAS members will give first person presentations of some of the pioneers resting in Silverton’s beautiful and historic cemetery. 
All-class reunion is 
Labor Day weekend
The Silverton High School all-class reunion will be held Aug 31 to Sept. 3.
“The school turned 100 last fall and we had hoped that there might be a reunion for the centennial year, but the work was not complete at that time,” said organizer Paul Voilleque. “We’ll be gathering to celebrate the new facility and the 101st year of operation this Labor Day Weekend.”
Sign-in for registered attendees as well as late registration will be in the Gymnasium on Friday afternoon (31 August) and on Saturday. 
The registration fee for reunion attendees will be $13 to cover the costs of the dance, ice cream social, welcoming hospitality, postage, and a $2 donation to the school. Advance registration is encouraged, so your nametag and ticket to the ice cream social, as well as tickets for other events you choose to attend can be ready when you arrive. 
For more information, call (303) 364-1234 (Paul Voilleque), or (970) 759-1708 (Sandy (Voilleque) Campuzano), or send an e-mail to pgv@mindspring.com
Trentini celebration
scheduled for Sept. 3
Silverton’s annual Trentini celebration is scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 3, honoring the Italian immigrants of Silverton.
Admission is $10 per person, and festivities include Bocce ball, wine and cheese appetizers, traditional polenta dinner (polenta with shredded meat and gravy)
The event starts at 10 a.m. at the Villa Dallavalle Inn, 1257 Blair Street, with hosts Gerald and Nancy Swanson. If attending please RSVP:  Monica Cerise Hutson, mandm@durango.net, (970) 275-0299
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