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Planning commission signs off on weekly rental rules
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Posted on November 01 2012, 2:21pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
The San Juan Regional Planning Commission has sent the Silverton Town Council proposed changes in regulations of weekly vacation rental units in residential areas. 
With town staff warning that weekly rental units “are beginning to saturate the Silverton housing market to a point of being perceived by some residents as problematic,” the Town Council voted unanimously July 23 to impose a 6-month moratorium on new applications, pending adoption of new rules. The planning commission last week completed its assigned task of drafting the new rules.
Residential weekly rentals are prohibited in the town unless a “use subject to review” is approved by the Town Council after a public hearing.
Concerns have been raised over the impact of the weekly rentals to the integrity of residential neighborhoods, depletion of workforce rental properties, and parking problems.
The proposed regulations would tighten restrictions on those who want to convert their homes to take advantage of the weekly vacation rental market.
But one of the most contentious issues — parking — left local officials wondering what restrictions they can actually apply.
Town Administrator Jason Wells worried that limiting parking on public streets for weekly rental guests may create a constitutional problem, creating “a different class of citizen” when it comes to parking on public streets.
“From a constitutional perspective, adopting different (parking) rules for weekly rentals than for the general population is really problematic,” Wells said.


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