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County's 'fiscal cliff' comes in 2014
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Posted on January 03 2013, 10:30am by Mark Esper in Local News category
San Juan County is holding the line on spending in its 2013 budget, with an eye toward 2014, when, officials estimate, the county will see its property tax revenue drop by about $130,000.
Meanwhile, some expenses the county has little control over soared in 2012.
San Juan County’s cost to house inmates at the La Plata County jail more than doubled in 2012, with officials attributing that to a couple of offenders being held for a full year, and and a few other chronic offenders doing time.


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Criminal offenders convicted in San Juan County are housed in the La Plata County jail in Durango, at a cost of $65 per night.
In 2011, that added up to $23,501. But San Juan County Administrator Willy Tookey estimates the 2012 cost will be about $48,000 once the December bill comes in.
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