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Blair Street snow berm proves popular
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Posted on January 18 2013, 9:12am by Mark Esper in Local News category
A berm of snow makes Blair Street a divided highway. A survey of business owners and residents on the four-block stretch where snow is now plowed to the center as a town pilot project say they like it that way.
Preliminary survey results released by the Blair Street Historical District Association show overwhelming support for the town’s pilot project to plow snow to the center of the wide street between 10th and 14th.
Cindy Bryant, president of the association, said she has surveyed 10 business owners and residents so far. Seventy percent approve of the new plowing procedure.
Two indicated no preference and one was against it. Bryant said she still has to contact a handful of others to survey on the issue.
The town crew had previously plowed the snow to the side of the street, leaving huge mounds. The pilot project, initiated at the request of the Blair Street association, is scheduled to last through January.
One safety concern mentioned is that some children in town have been playing on and in the berm, digging tunnels and building forts.
Some attributed that to the lack of large piles of snow elsewhere in town given the light snowpack so far this year.
One resident surveyed who opposed plowing to the center of Blair Street said “it won’t work if it’s a heavier winter.”
But Bryant the shop owners love it.
Melissa Gillon at the Lookout Shop said “it’s easier to get into the store.”
Pete McKay at The Sunhouse said he “very much approves of the snow in the center” and wants to make the procedure permanent.
Resident Stephen Wolfe says plowing to the center makes it easier to park, but he suggested the town develop a better alert system for snow routes.
Bryant acknowledged that the mild winter so far has not put the plowing procedure to the test, but she says it looks great and she sees visitors taking photos of the snow piled up in the middle of the street. 
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Comments (1)  
twinkletoni on January 19 2013, 6:26am
 I lived in Silverton from 1982 - 1985 and the snow was plowed to the center of main street every winter.  After the burm would get so big it would be removed with a back hoe and a dump truck.