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Snowscape 2013 Action
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on February 14 2013, 10:12am by Mark Esper in Local News category
Criss Furman/Silverton Standard & the Miner
From left, Aiden Swonger, and Evan Donovan head downhill at Kendall Mountain Ski Area Saturday on a piece of cardboard  with encouragement from Seamus Garvin.
Snowscape Results (well at least some of them)
Carboard Derby:
• Seamus Garvin & Evan Donovan Best: “yard sale.”
• Matthew Zimmerman and Macie Ledbetter: “best style and time.”
• Aiden and Nolan Swonger: “best wreck.”
Shovel race
• Matthew Zimmerman: .05, “good form.”
• Macie Ledbetter: .06, “only one to cross the finish line.”
• Aiden Swonger, .08, “best crash.”
• Seamus Garvin, .09
• Nolan Swonger, .10, “backwards.”
• Amy Swonger, .17 
1980s Ugly Sweater contest
1st Sam Walsh
2nd Amy Swonger
3rd Carla Safranski
“I want to thank everyone who participated, volunteered, and held events for ‘80s Snowscape weekend,” said Karen Srebacic, event organizer. “A special thanks to all that helped during the night ski light crisis. You all are like totally radical, dude!”
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