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Dillon's Run draws dozens
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Posted on September 05 2013, 1:06pm by Mark Esper in Local News category

Participants in the first Dillon's Run pose for a group photo Saturday morning, Aug. 31 at Kendall Mountain Recreation Area. Photo by David Emory
6-mile run at Kendall Mountain a tribute to Silverton Youth.
By Katy Rende
About 45 members of the local community as well as runners from Ridgway, Ouray, and beyond converged on Kendall Mountain on Saturday, Aug. 31, for the first-ever Dillon’s Run, honoring Dillon Paxton, the 16-year-old Silverton youth who died in a pickup truck crash last year.
Martin Torres, a Silverton School 10th grader, took first place in the 6-mile run with a time of 59 minutes and 27 seconds. Levi Lokey, Silverton School senior, came in second, and runner John Ferguson of Ouray took the third-place trophy.
But for those who took part, the event was about a lot more than just a footrace.
Dillon James Paxton excelled in academics and sports, with a particular interest in running. Dillon’s Run raises money to help local youths in those pursuits.
Karla Safranski of Silverton has never been a runner but completed one loop (one mile) of the race to support the school, the community, and Dillon’s family.
“Dillon and Tanner (Dillon’s brother) both used to help me unload my orders into the store,” Safranski said, describing them as “great kids.”
With her running partner, Cindy Shaw, Safranski completed the loop with “a little running, and little walking, a little jogging.” She only ran a mile because she had to go to work, but she said it was a beautiful day and she hopes that more people show up next year. 
The Fourth of July Fun Run this year raised $1,500 for the charity, while the race and T-shirt sales from Dillon’s Run last weekend generated $2,090. 
While many of the runners were from Silverton, one visiting couple joined in after seeing a poster in town. The Ouray track coach came over the pass to support the runners as well as one dedicated member of the Ouray track team who couldn’t compete in the run because he was on crutches.
Donations may be made to Dillon’s Run, Citizens State Bank of Ouray, P.O. Box 6, Silverton, CO 81433.
Donations may also be made online at dillonsrun.org.
Dillon’s Run 2013       
(6 miles on a hilly one-mile loop)
Runner       Time
Martin Torres     0:59:27
Levi Lokey        1:03:52
John Ferguson 1:05:59
Gerardo Acosta 1:14:59
Darlene Watson 1:18:06
Kevin Baldwin 1:22:06
Will Custer         1:26:09
Blaze Braford-Lefebvre 1:26:34
Kayla Zimmerman        1:26:34
Anthony Edwards 1:45:32
Paton Edwards 1:46:16
Dave Kelly                    1:54:24 (unofficial)
Frank Lee         2:13:09
Janet Nicole Ochoa 2:18:51
Kai Clauson         2:52:27
Deana Clauson 2:52:29
Becky Joyce          2:53:14
5 miles: Paul Joyce, Quinn Joyce, Eli Alsup
4 miles: Liam Joyce
3 miles: Evan Alsup, Kelly Habecker, Cindy Shaw, Carly Gurule, Kevin deKay
2 miles: Amber Kelso, Hannah deKay, Skye Faust, Kayla Nemecheck, Sallie Barney
1 mile: Emelie deKay, Karla Safranski, Megan Gray, Tonja Metcalf, Blake Nemecheck, Leslie Hall-Lobato 
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