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News briefs: Sept. 19, 2013
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on September 19 2013, 1:43pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
Criss Furman/Silverton Standard & the Miner
A bull moose in the South Mineral Creek area on Tuesday, Sept. 18. Moments after this photo was taken the moose charged photographer Criss Furman, who managed to escape without injury. Wildlife officials warn the public to beware of moose in the South Mineral Creek and the Lackawanna Placer area. 
First it’s the Crawl, then the Bordello Ball
Once again there will be a Crawl to the Ball progressive dinner preceding this year’s 14th Annual Bordello Ball at the Grand Imperial. 
Come taste what Silverton Restaurants have to offer and support our youth, while having a great time. Thanks to the generosity of the restaurants hosting the Crawl to the Ball all proceeds will benefit the Silverton Youth Center. 
The Bordello Ball and Crawl to the Ball will be held on Saturday, Oct. 5. The Crawl to the Ball will be from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m., with entrees from participating restaurants.
 The Bordello Ball will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets for the Crawl to the Ball can be purchased for $10 per person, which includes tickets to all 16 participating restaurants. Tickets may be purchased at The Grand Imperial, the Visitors Center, The Lookout Shop, and Silverton Trading Post. 
Come have some food and fun and support our youth.
Snowmobile Club Cleanup Day Saturday
The Silverton Snowmobile Club Cleanup Day is scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 21. 
“We will start with the first meeting of the season at the Brown Bear at 8 a.m. with cleanup to follow after the meeting,” said Laura Des Palmes. “Brown Bear is open for breakfast in case you wish to join the meeting before the clean up.”
For questions contact Jim Lokey at (970) 387-5512. Applications will be available for this year’s membership.
Meghan Kimmel runs for the U.S. team in World Championship 
Meghan Kimmel of Silverton, owner of Mobius Café, recently returned from Krynica, Poland ,where she competed as a member of the U.S. Mountain Running Team in the 29th annual World Championship.
She was among only four women selected for the prestigious U.S. team.
Some 37 countries were represented at the world championship in Poland.
Kimmel, 33, finished in 36th place (of 82 starters), completing the 9.08-kilometer (5.6-mile) uphill course in 47 minutes and 55 seconds.
“You never know how good you’ll do in any given race,” Kimmel said. “You can only hope for so much.”
The United States women’s team finished in fifth place. 
Mountain running, sometimes called trail running, is a growing sport.
“It’s the event that may become an Olympic event if there ever is a trail-running event added there,” Kimmel said.
To qualify for the U.S. team, Kimmel had to compete in the Cranmore Hill Climb July 21 in North Conway, N.H., where she finished fourth.
Jane Edwards is new deputy county clerk
While visiting the San Juan County Clerk’s office for your DMV, election, deed, or marriage license needs, you might run into new Deputy County Clerk Jane Edwards. 
Former preschool director and mother of two school aged children here in Silverton, Edwards has been in the office part-time since July.
“I'm very fortunate to have this great year-round job,” said Edwards. She first moved here in 2001, traveled around a bit in the 2000s, and has spent the past four full years in Silverton. She enjoys camping, and the small community connections of this town, especially the supportive parents.
“Someone’s always looking out for you, helping you even if you don’t ask,” said Edwards. “And it's reciprocal.” 
As well as assisting in the County Clerk’s office, Edwards continues to work at the preschool part-time.
Jane and Steve Legge have a new grandson
Jane and Steve Legge of Silverton congratulate their daughter, Sky Legge, and welcome their new grandson.
 Duke Osborne Legge was born on Monday, Aug. 16, 2013, at 6:47 p.m. in Chicago, weighing 10 pounds 9 ounces; and 22.5 inches long. 
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