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ATV ballot measure withdrawn
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Posted on November 21 2013, 2:38pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
One of the two ballot measures regarding all-terrain vehicle use of town streets that was scheduled to be on the town’s April 1, 2014 ballot will not be going to the voters after all.
But it may be replaced by a differently worded measure.
John Wright, an opponent of off-highway vehicle use of town streets, and Brent Westlund, a proponent, gathered 102 signatures for their ballot question and it was qualified for the ballot.
But Wright said in a Nov. 15 e-mail to Silverton officials that he and Westlund will withdraw that measure, pursuant to state law on the matter. 
Wright, in his correspondence with Town Administrator Brian Carlson, said that a second “and competing” ballot measure on the issue had “rendered my OHV initiative obsolete.”
That second measure, submitted by Jim Lokey and Kevin Baldwin, has also qualified for the ballot and asks voters to make the “special-event” OHV routes used last summer permanent.
Wright said he intends to prepare another initiative petition in which voters can more clearly vote “yes” if they wish to return to the limits on OHVs that existed prior to the temporary routes — limiting them to the truck bypass and access to the OHV staging area at Silverton Lakes Campground.
OHV use in the San Juans has grown dramatically in recent years, and while they are allowed on virtually all county roads, they are not allowed on the streets of Silverton.


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Comments (1)  
hesperus on December 01 2013, 10:25am
i run, ski and bike in the san juans, have for years. i've met lots of polite law abiding atv riders. i've also met lots of law breaking hooligans and their children racing on the back roads, no helmets, no licenses, no permits. and no law enforcement to correct the issues. the atvs are loud enough i can't hear myself gasping for air, let alone find any wildlife either. i'd rather not have them riding the streets of silverton which is one of my fav towns to stroll downtown after a run or a ride or ski and shop the local busnesses. it would severly impact any enjoyment of the town imho.