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Yes, that letter to the editor about the EPA was published
From Silverton Standard, the place where you can write!
Posted on August 12 2015, 1:17pm by Mark Esper in Local News category
Yes this letter was published in the July 30, 2015 edition of the Silverton Standard.
Please stop calling me about it.
-Mark Esper, editor and publisher.
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Comments (13)  
EPA whistleblower on August 12 2015, 3:33pm
The EPA is a long history of environmental "false flag" operations.   The Animas creek toxic waste release was a planned and coordinated event to allow Obama to move into Colorado with billions of dollars of federal cleanup funds.  I have no doubt that the highest levels of Colorado government was notified of the release well before it happened...it is amazing that you libs in Colorado would allow that communist to do this to you.
chukalukabus on August 12 2015, 3:35pm
What do expect when your governing philosophy is based on "never let a good crisis go to waste." No crisis on hand to grab power? Create one.
Desmond McGrath on August 12 2015, 11:53pm

Dave Taylor was right on the money with his article; however he should have called it a Superfund Reichstag. The mysterious fire that was blamed on the communists and used by the Nazis as the rallying cry to consolidate control.  Douglas Reed happened to be driving by when the fire started and wrote about it in "The Burning of the Reichstag" – 1934. It should be obvious to anyone with a modicum of common sense that EPA was deliberately creating a virus and antidote in the same laboratory. While my Engineering Degree was in Petroleum Engineering, my earlier pre-degree work included soils and concrete testing plus the inspection of earthenware dams and grout curtains for maintaining watertight integrity. It should not be forgotten that the EPA has had its own scandal with private email addresses (like Hillary and Benghazi), named for the previous heads dog. Likewise do not forget the EPA’s sue and settle scheme for years where court actions by watermelon environmentalists are settled out of court for huge sums of taxpayer money to pay off the activists for protesting and enabling to EPA to increase in size, budget and manpower to cover the alleged infractions, another series of viruses and antidotes concocted in the same laboratory.

And to think that the EPA wants to control every ditch in America; the next thing this Gaia Gestapo will be arming all their field agents against those who oppose their draconian agenda. That will be the Blitzkrieg. These are not isolated incidents but a long term agenda like the shutting down of the irrigation in California destroying thousands or acres of irrigated farmland in favor of the delta smelt. I have traveled the Durango and Silverton Railway and am planning a return trip on motorcycle next summer, traveling along much of the route that the contaminated water is now flowing; it is indeed a shame that the EPA should be so callous and power hungry to stage such an event for its own benefit.

When the Nazis were beaten in WWII there was a concerted de-Nazification campaign to remove members of the Nazi Party from all levels of Government right down to the municipal level. There needs to be a similar cleaning of the house in the EPA to eliminate the hard left Watermelons and replace them with those who will take a more balanced approach to preserving the environment, balancing economics, environmental impact with the needs of local communities like Silverton and others that rely on this waterway and not make places like Silverton the whipping posts for implementing Agenda 21.

Desmond McGrath

Reporting from Singapore


Darbi on August 13 2015, 4:47pm
I looked at the July 30th PDF and could NOT find the orginal letter. Could you please tell me where to look.
Thank you
RoyH on August 13 2015, 8:58pm
I don't see Dave proposing another way to deal with the initial problem. Critiquing one potential fix, without proposing a better one is just lazy, and strinks of motivated reasoning.
If anything, all of this suggests a need for better funding for the EPA. You think you can build up toxic waste without a plan for dealing with it? Well that's where an independent group(EPA) comes in to make sure your profits aren't the only factor in your considerations.
I'd love the conspiracy theorists here to actually gain a grasp of the initial problem, and then hear their methods of dealing with it. Because if you had your way, this kind of contimination would likely be a daily occurance. Unimaginable? Well you're just taking the EPA for granted like children.
oasis1234 on August 13 2015, 9:47pm
 Hey Darbi I'd like to see that full pdf if you have it. I can't seem to find it anywhere.
kaplan on August 14 2015, 2:32am
Instead of rewarding collosal failure with "better funding," everyone involved should be fired immediately.
RoyH on August 14 2015, 7:59am
@ kaplan. First of all, those aren't mutually exclusive. They probably should fire the individuals involved.
The potential for this kind of contamination doesn't go away by reducing funding for the independent group attempting to regulate it.  What do you think would have happened to the leaking waste at the Gold King Mine(and many like it) if no one regulated and attempted to clean them up? Probably unknowingly leaked into your drinking water over the last 30 years. And we're not just talking about one potential source of waste that needs to be overseen.
kaplan on August 14 2015, 3:14pm
The EPA is hardly independent with one set of goals for Dick Cheney and a completely different set of goals for Obama.  One EPA grants favors to the oil industry whiles the other EPA grants favors to the solar industty. Both display the corrupt practices of cronyism, kickbacks and regulatory capture. When an industry gets the state to do its bidding (and handicap the competition), the industry is far more powerful than it ever could be on its own.
I don't think anyone wants pollution and certainly not widespread lawlessness. One alternative to giving more power and resources to an expensive, corruptible agency would be a legal recalibration to better empower property owners and individuals to sue polluters.
As for the EPA's current budget, if they didn't have adequate funds to do this job they should have waited to do it correctly. I'm very reluctant to simply assume they need more money without seeing detailed information, as their budget already increases annually.
808NATION on August 14 2015, 7:03pm
 @kaplan.  While holding polluters liable for clean up efforts is a fine idea, "[t]he Gold King mine...was abandoned in 1923", which clearly precludes such remedy.  13 August 2015 www.theguardian.com
RoyH on August 15 2015, 0:07am
@ kaplan:

The EPA is hardly independent
It's as independent from the profit motives of these companies as we have at the moment. It's not perfect, but it's far better than the "alternative" you have proposed.  Safeguarding the EPA from being bought out by companies is important, including providing legetimate funding so sources with ulterior motives aren't needed.
When an industry gets the state to do its bidding (and handicap the competition), the industry is far more powerful than it ever could be on its own.
Actually they would be far more powerful, causing much more harm, if they weren't regulated whatsoever in the first place. And your use of the term "bidding" just sounds like self-serving rhetoric, without any evidence of such a degree of control.
One alternative to giving more power and resources to an expensive, corruptible agency...
It could be very corrupt and still take the necessary actions to be far more beneficial to the society than without them. As for being expensive, we can expect to pay them well if we want the right degree of expertise. The idiots who have been defunding the EPA for many years now have likely lead to a decrease in staff and expertise that resulted in this disaster.
would be a legal recalibration to better empower property owners and individuals to sue polluters.
This just creates a risk/profit analysis that puts the public in danger. They can worry about pollution later, after they have made their profits and moved their funds out of the way. Maybe a couple individuals are sued for a relatively small amount, but most involved make it out with a profit. And that's assuming two things. One, that the court is able to gauge the effect of their pollution, something that likely caused harm to people's one and only existences(like permanent neurological damage), which can't be compensated with money. And two, that they actually get caught. With no one overseeing their activities, all kinds of waste can be diluted into the ecosystem without anyone else knowing, while causing serious long-term consequences on general health.
As for the EPA's current budget, if they didn't have adequate funds to do this job they should have waited to do it correctly.
Check out the link in my previous comment. The EPA has been dealing with Gold King Mine since the 90's. They can't just let leaking waste continue to do so while they wait for people to get their heads out of their asses and give the needed funding to avoid every possible risk. Less funding means more risks are taken while doing what is necessary.
JulesB55 on August 15 2015, 12:11am
In the real world, a good worker does her best regardless of what she's being paid. She takes the job? Then she agrees to do her best . . . and to admit when she's incapable of doing a particular task. It's a matter of integrity, and the tactics of the EPA show they have none. The agency has devolved to a pack of rabid agendists, spoiling and appropriating. We need to replace the EPA with something honest.
edjones on September 11 2015, 10:41pm
Roy H. has obviously been assimilated, and he wants you to be assimilated into the collective as well.
I only point this out in response to roy's unthinking, glassy-eyed, knee jerk call for "better funding" in response to
evidence of EPA incompetentce and likely criminal negigligence.  Note also that Roy complains that people have criticised 'without specifying better alternatives'  Hey Roy - we're not funded with BILLIONS of Taxpayer Dollars!
Minds like Roy's are the virus that infects the Republic.