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Silverton Fourth of July Fun Guide!
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Posted on June 29 2017, 1:43pm by Mark Esper in Local News category




‘Mounties’ to patrol

Shrine Hill area to keep revelers under control

Be careful out there.

That’s the word from Sheriff Bruce Conrad as the Silverton area prepares to be inundated with thousands of visitors with fireworks in mind and forests drying out fast.

“So far, we’re lucking out,” Conrad said of the fire danger, and no fire restrictions were even in place in San Juan County as of Wednesday, June 28, though a red flag warning was in effect as dry winds were expected to pick up.

“But if the feds start putting in restrictions, then we have a decision to make,” Conrad said. “At this point, I think it’s a ‘go.’”

Conrad reminded everyone that in Colorado fireworks that explode and/or leave the ground are not permissible and those using them face a $300 fine.

After problems with unsupervised youths camping in town last year, Sheriff Conrad is calling in the Mounties.

They’re not from Saskatoon, but officers on horseback will patrol the Shrine Hill area.

Conrad said there will be no camping and no vehicles allowed, in that area, and no unattended minors.

With large crowds descending on Silverton and the backcountry, officers from La Plata County, the BLM, and the Forest Service will also be on hand, along with more Colorado State Patrol officers.

The Pittsburg Mine Road will close on the morning of Monday, July 3, to put the kibosh on any bandit parties along that dead-end road.

And the Sheriff’s Office has been getting the word out to Durango and other communities to not let unsupervised youths invade our fair city.

Conrad also warned that creeks and rivers can still be dangerous, so be aware.

San Juan County Emergency Services are gearing up “to ensure everyone is on the same page with regards to public safety,” according to County Emergency Manager Jim Donovan.

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