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E7 Systems was our solution for a Web site!
on August 20 2009, 2:21pm by Mark Esper in Media category
When the Silverton Standard & the Miner newspaper was rescued by the San Juan County Historical Society in May 2009, one of our immediate tasks was to assure a Web presence. To our great fortune, E7 Systems was there!
The platform they set up for our little newspaper is a perfect fit.
We launched the new Web site in early July and are slowly adding more content to it.
The platform has so much potential.
It offers great interactivity, with visitors able to write blogs, review businesses and entertainment, submit their own photo galleries and articles ...
Yet of course we retain administrative control over content.
But best of all is how easy this platform is to manage and how helpful E7 Systems staff is.
Dealing with "techies" can sometimes be annoying to us lay people, but Bill Smith shows how it should be done.
Bill is always cheerful, punctual, and competent.
He knows what he is doing and he made this very easy for us. THANKS BILL!
We are still just getting started with this platform and will continue to add layers of content.
But I would strongly recommend E7 Systems, and particularly the basic platform they provided for us at http://www.silvertonstandard.com
This platform is great for a small publication such as ours, but I can see how it could easily be adapted to be excellent for a Chamber of Commerce, a school, a trade organization, business, community organization .... 
It will allow our Web site to grow into a REAL community hub.
Thanks to E7 Systems, we have a nifty little Web site that is going to get better all the time!
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