Lashley, Molina, Noel Barela win Town Board seats

  • Election results are in (2018).
    Election results are in (2018).

Town of Silverton

Election Results

April 3, 2018

Molly Noel Barela wins seat by one vote over Judy Graham.

The three winners are in bold

Austin Lashley 202

Stoney Molina 181

Molly Noel Barela 176

Judy Graham 175

Kevin Baldwin 154

Michael Maxfield 139

Erica Wrublok-Curnow 56

Nicole von Gaza Reavis 50


Langley, Molina and Noel Barela will now join the Town Board which also includes Mayor Chris Tookey, and trustees Tiffany DeKay, Jess Wegert and Barbara Renowden.