Road closures ignored; Transient transported to Mercy COVID ward

  • Sheriff Bruce Conrad
    Sheriff Bruce Conrad

April 20 — Responded to a theft report at a storage facility. Incident Management Team meeting. COVID tactics meeting. Arrested Penny Higgins, of Silverton, on DUI charges.

April 21 — Radio communications room maintenance. Public Health Order enforcement. Follow up on DUI case.

April 22 — Happy Earth Day. Let’s do a better job of taking care of her. Board of County Commissioners meeting. Be aware, in response to a growing number of concerns over the unsafe speeds on County Road 2 and CR 110, the commissioners adopted a 20-mph speed limit on the entirety of those two roads. The Sheriff’s Office will be stepping up speed enforcement in those areas as well. Issued a verbal warning for speeding.

April 23 — Office Admin catch up. PHO enforcement.

April 24 — IMT meeting. PHO enforcement. Tactics meeting.

April 25 — PHO enforcement. Heavy unlawful visitor traffic. In between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m., 64 unlawful vehicles came to town, less than half turned away by the large electric sign. The afternoon was much busier, to the extent I was unable to keep the numbers straight. Responded to a complaint of an illegal camping situation; unfounded. PHO enforcement. Attempted a welfare check on a reportedly unequipped hitchhiker but was unable to locate. Motorist assist.

April 26 — PHO enforcement.

April 27 — PHO enforcement. IMT meeting. Tactics meeting. Months-end admin.

April 28 — PHO enforcement. PHO questions and education. Responded to a late night/early morning call to an intoxicated, unlawful visitor on the south end of the county reported as trespassing, minor menacing, and too drunk to survive the evening, being wet from the waist down and all. Broke into the party’s vehicle so they could retrieve dry clothes and sleep in it, with the understanding they would exit San Juan County in the light of morning, and sobriety. Ha.

April 29 — IMT meeting. Business community meeting. Red tagged unlawfully parked vehicles. PHO enforcement. Contacted a transient party and assisted with information and guidance. Removed three vehicles from the closed CR 7. Removed unlawful campers from south end of the county. Responded to a report of cries for help from Cascade Falls area. Ha, same party from late last night, now wearing only underwear while wet from head to toe, with enough cuts and scrapes to cause his description to accurately be, “covered in blood.” While contacting with an ambulance, party stated he was just released from prison because he is COVID positive. Transported to the COVID ward at Mercy. On top of keeping an officer up for two nights in a row, now the officer has to be removed from the schedule until the health care professionals-that-be decide what this situation means for all involved. This is one of the many reasons behind our decision to actually enforce the State, and the County’s public health orders.

April 30 — Responded to a late-night verbal altercation. The last one we respond to for this party without charges. PHO enforcement. IMT meeting.

May 1 — The road closure sign at CR 7 once again removed by… special people. People who would drive up to an obvious road closure, and decide, “Surely that’s for the regular folk. Not for someone of my caliber.” Getting caught, being so special, I can assure will result in a regrettable education on how special you are not in San Juan County. Continued PHO enforcement.

May 2 — PHO enforcement and education. CR 2 and 110 speed enforcement patrols. Responded to a late-night fire alarm at Courthouse as the coal stoker auger broke and filled the building with smoke.

May 3 — PHO enforcement.