VIDEO: The Silverton Standard rides again!

  • Silverton Standard featured in videos
    Silverton Standard featured in videos

The Silverton Standard has been the subject of a number of recent videos highlighting the historic newspaper’s importance to the community and its struggle to survive as a nonprofit – “Silverton Public Newspaper.”

In May 2012, the NBC "Today Show" broadcast a short documentary on the Silverton Standard in the "American Story" segment with reporter Bob Dotson:



 In February 2012, a 22-minute documentary on the Standard aired on the cable TV channel HDNet in its World Report show:

 In 2009, Sonya Doctorian, who is now a deputy photo editor for the Washington Post, taped two short documentaries on the Standard:

 And on May 5, 2012, Society of Professional Journalists President John Ensslin posted a few short video clips about the dedication of this newspaper’s historical marker, having been designated a National Historic Site in Journalism:


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Sonya Doctorian takes video of Bev Rich and Freda Peterson Gooch of Silverton on their morning walk at Hillside Cemetery while producing a documentary on the Silverton Standard in 2009.